Can you help us with wood collections?

We’ve recently bought a specialist collection vehicle with a wood cage on the back, and are particularly looking for people who can help us fulfil wood collections from local building sites. We need reliable drivers and helpers to go out in the van to meet the customers and load the wood, and customer-friendly administrative support staff to accept collection bookings and organise collection teams.

We are a social enterprise and a “not-for-profit”; everything we earn gets ploughed back into what we do. We’ve had some grant funding, gifts and loans, but we aim to become self-supporting from the revenues we earn. We expect much of this to come from fees paid for wood collections and we are seeking to grow this activity rapidly.

We are staffed by volunteers, but we expect to offer some part-time paid roles soon too. For example, we will need van drivers who can commit to making regular collections as we grow our wood collection activity.