New retail and workshop manager appointed!

We’re excited to announce the appointment of Noah Humphries as full-time retail and workshop manager at The Useful Wood Company. His skills and experience were a perfect fit for the position, and we anticipate being able to expand our operation significantly with him in place.

Noah is originally from Newquay, Cornwall, where he first studied woodwork and started a love for working with timber. He moved to Woking four years ago and did a carpentry apprenticeship with Barratt Homes before moving on to site management with them. Noah is a member of the Welcome church in Woking, where he is a Youth leader.

Noah said: “I am excited to be joining the Useful Wood team. They are doing some amazing work in the local community providing skills, training and support to individuals. I feel what they are doing to help to educate people about upcycling and recycling wood and wood products is vital in a world which needs to be more environmentally focused. These are both things which I am really passionate about, and I am looking forward to seeing what new ideas we can come up with to build on their current initiatives.”  

With Noah’s appointment we are now able to open the wood shop on 6 days a week (until 2 on Saturdays). The workshop is opening up again too and we will be able to offer training and support to more volunteers. There is a new range of products coming and we continue to accept bespoke orders too.